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28 November 2010


We went on a caving trip and visited three caves. There’s only photos from two, because Waterfall Cave involved crawling on our bellies through foot-deep water – even I wasn’t determined enough to try and take a camera there!

3 Responses to “Cave-holing”

  1. Jane says:

    I invite you to Kentucky to visit Mammoth Cave. It will knock your socks off! But I must say, you 2 are definitely trying everything and I am really interested!

  2. Dan says:

    Wow now that’s much more of a fun cave trip…to many caves in Europe have been paved and lit, kinda makes the whole thing fake, but seeing caves with just headlamps and having to wade through waters much more of an exciting adventure. Hope they look after the caves there though and stop tourists breaking off bits of the formations to take home as souvenirs.

    • shortclaws says:

      Well, the ones we explored with hats and headlamps are never likely to see any tourists – it was an hour’s hike through gnarly head-high undergrowth up and down hill to reach them! The huge tourist cave, Tham Lod, seems to be well looked after – the local tribesfolk supply all the guides, and it’s an important source of income for them. So unlike Europe, every single tourist goes into the cave with a guide. Whether they end up paved and lit one day though, I dunno…

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