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31 December 2010

Khao Sok

28th December 2010

Khao Sok is certainly a beautiful place. Thirty years ago it was an area of steep mountains and deep valleys, but then a dam was built and now there is an enormous lake. Not the typical oval of a natural lake, instead it has hundreds of long winding fingers of water; the drowned valleys, between which rise sheer green islands and towering ridges; the tops of mountains. The lake reaches 200m deep in places, and people go diving to explore the ruins of temples and villages.

Our accommodation for three nights is a floating bungalow, and we were warned that they are basic. So we have a hut made of bamboo thatch, just big enough to house two thin mattresses and a mosquito net, and floating six inches above the water on a raft of decaying bamboo. The decay is no doubt being hastened by the termite nest to be found high in one corner of our hut. It’s interesting to watch the little mites at work constantly building the nest (update: which is visibly bigger every morning), but since we’re floating it is also inevitably true that the nest building material is coming from the raft itself. Someone needs to explain to these termites that they are swiftly precipitating their own drowning. Or remove them.

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