27 Sep
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Posts Tagged ‘village

3 August 2014

Swedish countryside

28th July 2014 This is starting to become a standard weekend break practice – hiring a car for a day and going off to explore some of the country outside the capital city. The idea comes from my own disappointment at meeting people who say they’ve visited the UK a couple of times, and when » » »

5 November 2012

Rain again, again

1st November 2012 It’s raining again. Possibly France is trying to get rid of us. That’s okay, that just means more wine tasting. I’m not sure I’m entirely the best qualified wine taster right now, having a stinking cold with a blocked nose and a foul taste in the back of my throat that won’t » » »

5 November 2012

Les Baux

30th October 2012 Miracle! The car is fixed, on time, and the bill only slightly higher than it would’ve been back home. This was good, as the museum we had earmarked for our amusement today happened to be closed on Tuesdays. Are we perennially unlucky, or does everything in France just close at the most » » »