20 Apr
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...two travellers in search of the world's wildlife

About us

Why “Otter Adrift”?

Well, the two of us are definitely going to be adrift, heading around the world for a year to explore.  We’ve never done anything like this before; our longest holiday has been two weeks and we’ve always had a nice hotel booked beforehand.

We’re hoping to spend a lot of time looking for wildlife, as that’s a real passion of ours whenever and wherever we travel.  We particularly want to see all the different otter species of the world, as they are a special favourite (www.amblonyx.com is our otter site).  Most of the world’s otters are endangered species, and everywhere they exist they are key indicators of healthy ecosystems.  So that explains the other half of the name.

Plus of course it is hard to find a web domain that isn’t taken, and Otter Adrift just has a nice ring to it.

Who are we?

We are a British couple (though Maureen was born in Indonesia) in our thirties.  Here’s some photographic evidence to prove we really exist.


Matthew is in IT, and has worked for the same large company for over 10 years. Maureen is part-owner of a small market research company.  Both of us will be leaving our jobs in order to travel.

We’ve been together since university, which adds up to fifteen years as an occasionally highly effective team. ; )

We both love travel, wildlife, reading, good food and an easy life.  This last love is probably going to be tested more than a few times in the year to come!

Here is a post about where we’ve already been before our year around the world.

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