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Posts Tagged ‘health

31 December 2013

Bonus tamarins

29th December 2013 Not much to report today, as Maureen was out of commission so we stayed at our lodgings. At least our plans for the day had been fairly modest anyway: a trip to the Metropolitan Park, which is more like a slightly tamed piece of rainforest partly surrounded by the city, where we » » »

29 December 2013

City of Panama

28th December 2013 We left Bocas today after a relaxing morning of doing nothing. And I will make no mention of falling out of my kayak after the short paddle over to breakfast at the Garden of Eden. At least I somehow managed to keep my entirely un-waterproof watch out of the water during my » » »

5 November 2012

Vive la différence

22nd October 2012 Funny little differences between nations. Every guidebook and piece of travel health advice I’ve read says that after a bout of diarrhoea you should rehydrate yourself, and I always (well, except for this trip) pack a few sachets of rehydration salts just in case. Yet once I’d struggled to explain my need » » »

1 October 2012

Plague and hyperbole

23rd September 2012 Today Maureen diced with death. She fed bits of Oreo to a chipmunk when we stopped to take in the views on one of the high mountain passes. A lady passing by issued this dire warning: “you want to be careful, chipmunks carry bubonic plague.” Yes, that’s right. Rats, chipmunks, gophers and » » »

9 June 2011

Pear-shaped day

8th June 2011 Oh look, we’re back in La Paz again. Our bus headed off as planned this morning, but simply got snarled in the protest or whatever happening in a town on the route. They’ve piled rubble on the road and no-one is getting through. Determined drivers are taking various alarming dirt roads to » » »

1 April 2011

Seasick but cheerful

31st March 2011 Who knew you could get seasick in a kayak? Today had an unpromising start. We had to get to the kayaking office for 8:30am… only to be told that we wouldn’t actually start our day of kayaking until lunchtime. There would be a briefing first, and some instruction, and then some hanging » » »

16 February 2011

Will my arm drop off?

13th February 2011 When I went to bed last night I noticed that my left forearm was tingling and almost numb on the underside. Not painful, just very weird. I couldn’t work out what was wrong until recollecting the journey back from Rinca island. We were all very tired and Maureen slept with her head » » »

31 December 2010

Leaving Cambodia

27th December 2010 Oops. It looks like something I ate last night didn’t agree with me. Let’s just say four trips to the loo before dawn and I won’t paint you a picture. We’ll just have to have a relaxing day without much activity so I can get over it, within easy reach of a » » »

14 October 2010

Seven days in Tibet

Written by Maureen Day One An early start from Kathmandu in order to reach the Chinese border before it is closed. After an hour our driver finds he’s left some important documents, so we go back to Kathmandu to find his brother with the docs on the roadside. The road to the border is the » » »

11 October 2010

Daddy Mountains

I’m really worried. I’ve got a splitting headache, I’m dizzy, my heartbeat is racing and I can’t sleep at all. These are most of the symptoms for altitude sickness (lucky me, at least I’m not nauseous). I’m not worried about my health, because these are the mild symptoms and the “cure” if they get worse » » »

19 July 2010

First Aid

A couple of weeks back we went on a day-long Emergency First Aid course with the British Red Cross in Hammersmith. The idea was to make ourselves feel more confident that we could do something if an accident happens somewhere out in the wilds. Looking back, I guess our confidence levels are indeed a bit » » »