26 May
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Posts Tagged ‘funny

5 November 2012

Enforced Avignon

29th October 2012 We are now having a short break in the city of Avignon, circumstances having forced a bit of Provencal laissez-faire on us. Yesterday after driving out of Aix towards the pretty villages of the Luberon I briefly wound down the driver’s side window and then found it wouldn’t wind up again. It » » »

1 October 2012

Wall Drug and Badlands

25th September 2012 Today we visited a huge and endless expanse pretty much devoid of any interest, and we also visited the Badlands of South Dakota. Wall Drug is, according to some, the second most famous site in South Dakota (after the presidential noggins). Poor ol’ South Dakota. Wall Drug is a rambling shop that » » »

1 October 2012

Plague and hyperbole

23rd September 2012 Today Maureen diced with death. She fed bits of Oreo to a chipmunk when we stopped to take in the views on one of the high mountain passes. A lady passing by issued this dire warning: “you want to be careful, chipmunks carry bubonic plague.” Yes, that’s right. Rats, chipmunks, gophers and » » »

20 July 2011

Love in the tropics

Silliness like this is just down to having too many photos to put in one gallery. Related Images:

18 July 2011

Mutiny in the Galapagos

13th July 2011 There was a mutiny almost as soon as we boarded the ship. Our guide, Wilo, explained that those who were on a seven day tour (us and most others) would visit the Darwin Centre to see the giant tortoise breeding program, while those on a ten day tour would visit the highlands » » »

29 April 2011

Danger of freezing

26th April 2011 Australians seem very concerned about risk. Perhaps this is due to living in a place where everything is poisonous. Which seems to be a bit of a myth, by the by, as we’ve seen lots of wildlife and none of it dangerous. All the walks we go on here have scary black » » »

28 April 2011

My feet Hertz

25th April 2011 Is it just me that does this kind of thing, or does it happen to everyone (except Maureen)? I went to fetch our rental car this morning, while she finished packing and caught up with email. I thought it was a fifteen minute walk to the address but it turned out to » » »

18 March 2011

Daft sealions

So it turns out that sealions are just as good at funny poses as long-tail macaques. Or at least I think so, which is excuse enough for a gallery… Related Images:

1 February 2011

Terrors of the deep

29th January 2011 The snorkelling along this coast is wonderful. Seriously, it knocks Ko Surin into a cocked hat, a veritable cocked hat. The coral is just a few yards from the shore everywhere and is a delight of different forms and colours and textures. The term ‘coral garden’ fits superbly. We snorkelled two coves » » »

16 January 2011

Man-made disaster

14th January 2011 And since I’m the man of the outfit, we can probably guess whose fault it was. Anyway… So we decided on a crushingly early start to the day, to go back to the Penang NP for more otter watching. That meant up and out by 6:15AM in the dark, collecting breakfast on » » »