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Posts Tagged ‘festival

28 December 2013

Sloth time

25th December 2013 It’s definitely been a non-traditional Christmas. Waking up this morning at the horribly late hour of 8am we found a tiny sloth had taken up residence in a tree outside our house. So we spent the next three hours watching him, with a break for breakfast of fried eggs and last night’s » » »

22 June 2011

Senor de Choquekillka

The Senor de Choquekillka festival is celebrated every June in the Cusco province of Peru, and we were lucky enough to drop into Ollantaytambo for a couple of days in the middle of it. There seem to be about six different traditional masked dances, but each troupe tries their damnest to include new and funny » » »

16 June 2011


13th June 2011 I was awoken by the sound of the Dance of the Drunken Men, being played by a brass band as they passed by our hotel. It made me smile (despite the hour). It was just as the hotel owner had said: this festival goes on all day and all night for an » » »

14 June 2011

Sacred valley day

12th June 2011 Well today didn’t start too promisingly. Another group tour, although this one is part of our Peru itinerary and the main purpose is to get us from Cusco to Ollantaytambo. Nevertheless, I had been looking forward to being given some context into the Inca sites along the way. So imagine my joy » » »

24 April 2011

Unlucky Hobart

22nd April 2011 You’ll recall our first day in Hobart was spent largely in a crummy backpacker room listening to the rain nailing down the roof above us? Well, it was mostly dry on our return but it was also Good Friday. It seems that in Australia that’s akin to Christmas Day and so absolutely » » »

24 January 2011

Journal entry 20/01/2011

20th January 2011 We keep a daily journal of notes, both to cover all the details we might forget and which don’t make it into blogs, and also to remind me of details if it’s a couple of days before I actually put a blog entry together. This is pretty much today’s journal entry (with » » »

3 January 2011

Happy New Year

31st December 2010 What does £24 per person (the price of three good meals in a Thai restaurant) get you for a New Year’s Eve bash at Kuraburi resort? You get a buffet dinner that includes nothing you’ll remember in a week. You get as much fruit punch and cheap beer as you can drink, » » »

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

We have no festive photos to put up here, there’s nothing remotely Christmassy happening in Cambodia except for a few pretty restaurant touts dressed up in Santa outfits in the hope of drawing some more customers. And we’re certainly not exchanging presents – how on earth would we pack them?! So it’s Christmas only in » » »

15 December 2010


5th December 2010 I’m going to try blogging daily. I’m flattering myself that my writing is interesting enough to put together a diary that won’t reduce our small readership to zero. If anyone has any views on whether this is a good or bad idea, please drop me a comment! I’ll happily go back to » » »

25 November 2010


Loy Krathong, the festival celebrating the Thai people’s close connection with water, is said to be celebrated best in Sukhothai and Chiang Mai – we were lucky enough to coincide our travel with the last night of the festival in both places. Related Images:

25 November 2010

Loy Krathong

The unofficial slogan of Loy Krathong (the Thai festival of lights) in Chiang Mai seems to be “Play With Fireworks!” We’re on the main bridge over the river Ping, and people are cheerfully lighting firecrackers and fireworks and flinging them out over the water, up into the air, or if their aim is bad back » » »

19 October 2010

Festival time!

It’s festival time in Bhaktapur! The festival is Dashain, biggest festival in the Nepali calendar, and this morning we sat on the steps of a temple and watched them chop the heads off of goats and a bullock with a huge kukri knife. One blow – CHOP! Then they drag the body (still twitching, ewww) » » »