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...two travellers in search of the world's wildlife

You've stumbled on the blog of Matthew and Maureen, who travelled around the world for a year between July 2010 and July 2011.

We had a year of wonder, wildlife and a modest amount of adventure! Now we're back but we're still travellers at heart and will record all our journeys here.


Comment in A guide to staying at Sirena ranger station, Corcovado

by in áo theo yêu cầu on 09/01/21
in áo theo yêu cầu A guide to staying at Sirena ranger station, Corcovado « Otter Adrift – Travel in search of wildlife

Comment in Itinerary

by Venkata Talla on 07/07/20
Hi, I did see your itinerary...its wonderful the penultimate line has a typo mistake.... its should be 7th July instead of 7th Feb 7 Feb – 25 Jul Ecuador and Galapagos Quito, wildlife, Galapagos Islands

Comment in Resorting to architecture

by Erin Robertson on 23/02/20
Matthew and Maureen, I wish I had found your blog a year ago!!! We are an American family of 4 taking a year off to travel, and we're also focusing on wildlife hotspots. We're in Chile now, and I found your website while searching for "Fernando who takes people to see otters in Chepu on Chiloe" (but I have found mult[...]

Comment in Poor hat

by Miss Footloose on 01/12/17
Hi! I lived in Indonesia for a few years, but didn't visit the monkey temple, to my regret. I am right now writing a post about itching on my blog and would love to us your photo of the itching money. May I have your permission? I will give credit and link it back to your post.

Comment in A guide to staying at Sirena ranger station, Corcovado

by Flora on 21/11/17
Hello Is tent/meals not taken at the sirena "restaurant" still possible ? I have the feeling that the guide is pushing us to a "package" with all included, and very expensive thank you

Comment in The local food problem

by dee on 18/04/15
Actually in Croatia, in the coastal area, people do eat a lot of fish combined with vegetable like Swiss chord, as much as it maybe seams weird :) But, I see what's your point, it's really hard to find genuine local place anywhere in the world without getting to know locals, which can be hard in short time.

Comment in Hungary?

by Lukas on 13/10/14
Thank you for the review on Cafe Vian, glad you enjoyed the place and food!

Comment in A guide to staying at Sirena ranger station, Corcovado

by shortclaws on 14/03/14
Hi Cristian, sorry for the delay in replying. If you have organised a guide/tour for your trip to Corcovado, then ask them about tents. If you are travelling independently to visit Corcovado then you must bring your own tent. In fact, you must bring everything you need. Bottles of water are the only things for sale at[...]

Comment in A guide to staying at Sirena ranger station, Corcovado

by Cristian on 24/02/14
Hi there. Thanks for sharing this excellent information in there with all of us who dream of visiting Corcovado. I'm going there in April, but I'm confused. Do I need to bring my own tent or do they have tents available to hire there, meaning I don't have to carry my own.. Thanks! Cristian

Comment in The local food problem

by shortclaws on 13/11/13
Hi James and Giulia! You live in Singapore? Lucky you! It was definitely one of our top-three favourite cities on our trip around the world. We do still update this website, but since we are not travelling we only update it when we go on trips. So the next update will be: Costa Rica, this winter, where we have a chan[...]


Resorting to architecture

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

26 December 2019 And so today we drove back to Colombo, or more precisely Negombo which is closer to the airport. We broke the journey with one stop along the way, at the country house and gardens of the world-renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. This was one of his earliest projects, so he was » » »

Tea and hoppers

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

25 December 2019 We’ve explored Galle top to bottom, so today was pretty easy going. We drove out into the country to visit a tea estate, where they take you on a free scenic and interesting hour-long tour of the estate and the tea factory. I now feel educated about tea. There’s also a complimentary » » »

Weird massage

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

24 December 2019 Shopping day! Galle has lots of shops, although it actually seems to be the same four shops repeating themselves over and over: there’s the lifestyle shop with lots of tropical/colonial housewares and probably some printed linen, there’s the jeweller selling giant bling rings and necklaces fit for a dictator’s wife, there’s the » » »


Saturday, January 4th, 2020

23 December 2019 Today we’re off to Galle, and hopefully three nights to relax in a comfy hotel room. We’ve liked the Spice Lodge though, it’s remarkably well thought-out and the family who run it are charming. Oh, and their Sri Lankan breakfast in the morning is the best so far. Lots of fruit, some » » »

Nine Arch Bridge

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

22 December 2019 Still no rain to speak of! It definitely must have been the modest offering to the Buddha back at the Temple of the Tooth. It was literally from that point onwards that the weather improved. In fact, I got a bit sunburnt today while walking up the 230+ steps to Little Adam’s » » »

Tea country

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

22 December 2019 We left Kandy at a lazy 10am and started down the winding mountain roads to Ella. It turns out to be an almost five hour drive, excluding breaks. This is quite different to driving in the UK or, for example, the USA because you have to keep your concentration on the road » » »

Restaurant de leech

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

21 December 2019 My little offering to the Buddha’s tooth seems to have improved the weather. No rain today! So we wandered the Royal Botanical Gardens for hours, hoping to spot some unusual squirrels but not getting any luck. The gardens are handsome, though. We took lunch at a posh hotel up in the hills, » » »


Saturday, January 4th, 2020

20 December 2019 You can’t really call it rain when it looks and sounds like water is simply being dumped out of the sky in huge sheets, bouncing and leaping back off the ground and forming small rivers within minutes. This is what we woke up to. Our stuff is damper than ever as the » » »