13 Jul
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...two travellers in search of the world's wildlife


This is the route we’ve planned for our trip around the world. We’ll try and provide updates about the route we actually ended up taking, via the updates link above.

Click on the countries we’re visiting to find any posts we’ve made about that country


South Africa Madagascar Hong Kong Nepal Tibet Thailand Cambodia Malaysia Singapore Indonesia Australia New Zealand Chile Peru Ecuador

Here’s some more detail. And if you’re interested, here is an article about how we decided where we wanted to go.

Dates Where Why?!?
26 Jul 2010 Fly London – Johannesburg overnight
27 Jul – 14 Sep South Africa circuit Kgaligadi, Cape Town, Garden Route, Blyde River, Kruger, big game, whale watching, otters!
15 Sep Fly Johannesburg – Antanarivo
15 Sep – 28 Sep Madagascar with guide Jungle, lemurs, wildlife
28 Sep Fly Antanarivo – Johannesburg
29 Sep Fly Johannesburg – Hong Kong
29 Sep – 3 Oct Hong Kong See sights, eat food
3 Oct Fly Hong Kong – Kathmandu
3 Oct – 18 Nov Nepal Kathmandu, trekking, Bardia Nat Park, Tibet overland, otters?
18 Nov Fly Kathmandu – Hong Kong – Bangkok
18 Nov – 9 Dec Thailand Temples, food, wildlife, otters
9 Dec Fly (or overland) Bangkok – Siam Reap
9 Dec – 23 Dec Cambodia Angkor Wat, Phnom Phen, otters?
23 Dec Fly (or overland) Siam Reap – Bangkok
30 Dec – 13 Jan Overland to Singapore Thailand, beaches, Malaysia, wildlife, otters
13 Jan- 20 Jan Singapore Relax, otters?
20 Jan Fly Singapore – Denpasar
20 Jan – 19 Feb Indonesia Maureen’s family, Bali island, Komodo dragons
19 Feb Fly Denpasar – Singapore – Perth
19 Feb – 21 Apr Australia west to east Ningaloo reef, Kangaroo island, Tasmania, Sydney, Fraser island, wildlife, nature
21 Apr Fly Sydney – Queenstown
21 Apr – 26 May New Zealand overland Queenstown to Auckland, natural wonders, hiking, wildlife, glaciers
26 May Fly Auckland – Santiago
26 May – 7 Jul Chile Santiago, Chiloe Island, Puerto Montte, lake district, Atacama, wildlife, otters
7 Jul Fly Santiago – Quito
7 Feb – 25 Jul Ecuador and Galapagos Quito, wildlife, Galapagos Islands
25 Jul 2011 Fly Quito – Madrid – London

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8 Responses to “Itinerary”

  1. Nessa says:

    I think after Maureen’s smoke breathing on Tuesday night, we should come and join you in search of the Komodo dragons!

    I’m so jealous 😉

  2. Nessa says:

    We are researching places for our part of the trip!

  3. Nessa says:

    In case you haven’t been able to get into your email…. our flights are now booked!! See you in a few months 😉 xx

  4. Dan says:

    Wow has it been 3 months since you left!! 1/4 of your trip over with another 3/4 to enjoy…I really am going to have to sort out a trip to the far east…the photo’s are amazing such a different world…Hong Kong the Vegas of China…Tibet the spiritual capital of the world…unless the Chinese succeed in polluting it with their communist ways 🙁 … Nepal the highest country in the world…and oh all the yummy foods – lungs…bladders…toads…cow feet…butter tea…mmmm sounds so yummy (please + sarcasm here!!). Shame about the tummy troubles, altitude sickness and colds, but all part and parcel of a trip round the world (you wanted new experiences – bet ya never had altitude sickness before!!). Missing you both..take care..have fun and look forward to more updates.

    • shortclaws says:

      Yep, definitely three months! Although it’s the last two weeks that have been most tiring – as Maureen’s latest post says. : ) You definitely must make a trip to Asia, I think you’d absolutely love Tibet (though please don’t go the Neil route and become a Buddhist monk) and you’d also love Nepal for trekking (maybe not so much the cities, though there are some fascinating corners). Thanks for commenting!

  5. Nessa says:


    Where are you?? We’re missing your updates!!

    Talk to us soon


    • shortclaws says:

      We’re BAAAAAAAAACK! Ten days trekking in Langtang, I’m sure I mentioned on facebook. : ) We survived that, and are now busily catching up with blogging between baths (one bath to rinse off the worst of ten day’s dirt, the second to actually relax).

  6. Venkata Talla says:


    I did see your itinerary…its wonderful

    the penultimate line has a typo mistake…. its should be 7th July instead of 7th Feb

    7 Feb – 25 Jul Ecuador and Galapagos Quito, wildlife, Galapagos Islands

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