26 May
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Posts Tagged ‘travel

4 January 2020

Tea country

22 December 2019 We left Kandy at a lazy 10am and started down the winding mountain roads to Ella. It turns out to be an almost five hour drive, excluding breaks. This is quite different to driving in the UK or, for example, the USA because you have to keep your concentration on the road » » »

4 January 2020

What day is it?

13 December 2019… probably Long flight days are always confusing. Taking off from London on a cold Thursday afternoon. Arrive in Doha and it’s dark and apparently midnight, and we take off at 2am. Bag of cheap crisps for £3 – they take airport snacks to a new level of rip off here! And then » » »

19 January 2017

La Gomera via Tenerife

7 January 2017 Wow. I have never seen such a GREEN hire car! We had four hours to kill between the airport and the ferry, so there was time to drive to the top of Tenerife and back again. The top of the island is the volcano El Teide (which I have really struggled all » » »

18 September 2016

Short long day

10 September 2016 Even though we started out of bed at 6am this morning, all we’ve had time to do in Romania is collect our hire car and drive to our first night’s lodging. We paused briefly to admire an astonishing Disney confection of Peles Castle in the woods above Sinaia and to chomp through » » »

3 November 2015

Touchdown in Japan

3 October 2015 So we’ve landed in Japan, Osaka airport. And after a huge long day of travel, including our first experience of Japanese trains to get us to Kyoto, I’ve only got the energy to offer up a few first impressions… They love using cartoon characters here, on everything from signs on loo seats » » »

12 October 2014


Just spending a few hours wandering around Budapest between arriving from the airport and enjoying a top-notch evening meal, I’m liking this city. It has a very obvious heart, and that is the gigantic artery of the River Danube (or Duna here in Hungary) over which many of the grandest buildings perch to show themselves » » »

16 December 2013


14th December 2013 It’s been an exhausting month. Moving into our new house in Cheltenham, workmen everywhere, turning our house in Ludlow into a holiday let, plus loads of stuff going on at work. We really needed a holiday. We didn’t need to run a 1500m race through Miami airport, find that our luggage hadn’t » » »

18 May 2013

Late supper, Dubrovnik

9th May 2013 Even if you’re planning on finding accommodation as you go along, it’s always a good policy to try and book your first night in advance. You’ve been on a plane flight, you’re arriving in a new place with new rules, it might be after dark, the last thing you need is to » » »

5 November 2012

Enforced Avignon

29th October 2012 We are now having a short break in the city of Avignon, circumstances having forced a bit of Provencal laissez-faire on us. Yesterday after driving out of Aix towards the pretty villages of the Luberon I briefly wound down the driver’s side window and then found it wouldn’t wind up again. It » » »

2 October 2012

Hitting Denver

27th September 2012 Our journey back to Denver has been through small town America. Very small town America. “Population 135” read the sign on the way into one scattered cluster of tumbledown clap-board shacks and rusting mobile homes, and I’m fairly convinced the sign was over-estimating. Move away from the handful of tourist spots or » » »

23 September 2012

Story of me

12th September 2012 There’s one behaviour Americans sometimes display that always leaves me bemused, and I’m fairly certain I’ve never found it elsewhere. I’ll call it “The Story of Me”. You meet an American, say hello, and without any prompting or further ado they tell you all about themselves, their family history, where they live » » »

9 June 2011

Pear-shaped day

8th June 2011 Oh look, we’re back in La Paz again. Our bus headed off as planned this morning, but simply got snarled in the protest or whatever happening in a town on the route. They’ve piled rubble on the road and no-one is getting through. Determined drivers are taking various alarming dirt roads to » » »