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7 January 2024

Switching to PolarSteps…

So I’ve decided to switch our travel blog to PolarSteps (www.polarsteps.com). It’s still Otter Adrift, so the link to our blog will actually be: https://www.polarsteps.com/otteradrift

None of this blog will disappear – I’m actually going to add one little “trip” to Polarsteps for each of past trips and just make it a link back to the right part of this older blog, so nothing is lost. But any new trips will be on Polarsteps.


Well… firstly because I love maps, and so mapping all our trips neatly is one of the lovely attractions of Polarsteps. Also, the photo-uploading on this old home-hosted WordPress blog has always been a PITA and, if I’m honest, a good reason for a procrastinator like me to put off actually adding new trips. Polarsteps is a lovely modern app, photo uploading is ridiculous easy.

The trial run was our 6 week trip around Patagonia. So let’s compare that with the last trip written up on this blog, our 4 week trip around northern Italy…

  • By the end of our trip around Patagonia, all the photos were on Polarsteps and all but the last 4 or 5 blogs were written. There was a bit of editing and summarising to do, but that’s all.
  • By the end of our trip around Italy, only about a third of the blogs were written, others had scribbled notes, and no photos had been uploaded. It was all left to do once we got home.

So that’s pretty much conclusive. Polarsteps (although it has some frustrations) is going to be a much better place for me to blog our travels.

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