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28 October 2017

Deluxe dead end

African Wild Dogs from the balcony

African Wild Dogs from the balcony

21 October

Oh no! It’s our last full day already! That was sudden!

And it’s been a bit of a weird one, certainly not the great climax or relaxing wind-down you’d want.

We’re staying at Erindi, a deluxe safari lodge. And for certain our room is a country-mile more deluxe than anywhere else we’ve stayed! And it looks out over the waterhole too, so wildlife from the window is very much a reality. I’ve been watching African Wild Dogs. And yet… and yet… you do feel rather a captive.

There’s a walk you can do. It’s a little under an hour, in a specially fenced off area to make sure no worrying wildlife gets in. The grounds of the resort itself are so manicured I can’t imagine finding any wildlife there. And you can’t go anywhere in your car – driving around the game reserve is only possible on the organised morning and afternoon game drives. Trapped! The rest of the guests don’t mind; none of them seem to know anything much about wildlife, cooing over an elephant while there are a pack of flippin’ rare as anything African Wild Dogs lounging a few yards further off!

And then there was lunch. Which gave us both a case of the runs, a couple of hours later. We complained, and received the expected dose of inept customer service, ending in a promise that the manager would come and see us which has never materialised.

So our romantic farewell-to-Africa dinner was plain rice, boiled broccoli and a bottle of water. Cheers!

Warthogs at the water

Warthogs at the water

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