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2 February 2011

Maintenance day

1st February 2011

Today was one of those maintenance days. There were toiletries to buy and a guidebook to Australia to search for. We found a cafe with free WiFi and dedicated 3+ hours to updating the blog, getting the Recommended* page working again and catching up with various emails. As a bonus the cafe did good iced coffees, as well as an unusual snack of fried cassava with chocolate and cheese. This was actually tasty, if sickly.

Somehow we found ourselves in Seminyak later on, where there happen to be a whole host of interesting boutiques. I’m sure I remember someone saying that travelling and packing light for a year would open our eyes to the folly of consumerism and lead to a simpler, less materialistic life when we return home. Yes, as I recall it was me. That was after travelling through S Africa, Madagascar, Nepal and Thailand without buying much of anything.

What utter nonsense.

I really like my new shorts, and Maureen’s new top even more. There are two possibilities here. Either (a) we took a refreshing break from consumerism for six months but eventually the urge for new kit grew too strong, or (b) it was only when we got to Singapore and Bali that we found shops nifty enough to inspire it. I’m not going to study this too hard.

* – I’ve no idea whether the other things we’ve put on our blog will ever be useful. The Recommended page has a searchable facility to find our brief review of all the places we’ve stayed, eaten, visited or looked for wildlife at; the Photos page collects all our photo galleries in one place; the Wildlife page… is a bit of a work-in-progress, but includes complete lists of all the mammals and birds we’ve seen so far.

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