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28 December 2013

Maureen and wildlife

26th December 2013

Well, I can totally recommend Bocas del Toro as a get-away-from-it-all low key destination. It has oodles of sun, sea and sand but hardly any people. The pace of life is slooow but there are still enough things to do to keep you diverted for a week or more between bouts of just lazing around. I don’t know how up-market the resorts get here, but probably not very. When you’re in the tropics and can swan around all day in swimming shorts +/- t-shirt you don’t actually need all mod cons to be relaxed.

So in lieu of having much to tell you about today (kayaked to Red Frog beach, walked to Pulo Beach, snorkelled a bit, wandered back for a burger on the beach, kayaked home) I thought I’d pose the question: what is it with Maureen and wildlife?

Last night at Christmas dinner, who was it that had a gecko jump onto their bare leg and cling there? And waking up one morning in a hut in Thailand, who had a mouse (actually, a niviventer) jump on her face? Who narrowly avoids a squirrel doing a kamikaze leap at her in the New Forest? And standing in shallow water in Western Australia, who had a huge sting ray nibble at her foot? Less amiably, who always cops 80% of the mosquito bites and 100% of the leeches in the jungle? And who, standing in our Sunbury garden one summer night, had a baby hedgehog amble over and lick experimentally at her toes? Oh, and who in the sea off Bali had a sucker-fish try and attach itself to her tummy as though she were some kind of shark while I desperately yanked it by the tail to scare it off?


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