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20 January 2011

Monkey postcards

This gallery is for Helen, who liked the monkey that lost his keys on Ko Surin…
This gallery is for Helen, because she is a monkey…
(delete as appropriate)


6 Responses to “Monkey postcards”

  1. Hels says:

    Oi . . . I think your a cheeky monkey for insinuating that i’m a monkey!

    Great pics though and you always seem to do a good job of capturing their various bits and pieces!

    Btw I seem to recall you guys visiting Scotland not that long ago. Martin and I are considering a mini (long week) tour in April – any tips on places to visit? At the moment Edinburgh and St Andrews is on the list in terms cities/towns, but we fancy the remainder of the trip to be scenic places (lochs, coast, wildlife, seafood etc).

    Thanks guys and I hope you have a lovely time meeting up with Maureen’s/your family . . . and being reunited with Tim and Nessa!

    Still missing you . . .

    Hels xx

    • shortclaws says:

      Well, we’ve stayed at Glenfinnan for a New Year and it was a very beautiful area of the highlands – you definitely want to be near the coast for the lochs and sea views. We also went to Skye, and that I would totally recommend as it is stunning and also big enough to have things to do and nice places to eat. Mull was where we saw loads of otters, and on that island there is Tobermory to visit as well as Iona and Fingal’s cave, but it doesn’t have as much as Skye. Another suggestion recommended to us by lots of people is the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, which is on the mainland but near to the islands, so the landscape is beautiful but you don’t need a ferry.

      Can’t offer advice for B&Bs on any of these places as the one we stayed on Skye was cheap and poor, on Mull we stayed self-catering for a week, and we haven’t been to Ardnamurchan! The Glenfinnan Hotel was nice, though not deluxe or boutique, just an old Scottish hotel.

      • Hels says:

        Thanks for the Scotland tips . . . i’ve made a note of the places you have mentioned. Will check them out on a map and make a plan of action for our train and road trip!


        Hels xx

  2. Nessa says:


    We can’t wait to see Matt & Maureen either!! Only 7 working days to go ;-) Not that we’re counting or anything.

    Tim and I stayed in this B&B when we went to Scotland and it was wonderful. http://www.huntingtowerlodge.com/ Excellent service, homemade cakes & shortbread ;-) We stayed in the large upstairs suite and saw deer in the garden just outside our room.

    Right off to write my holiday shopping list. Matt & Maureen – do you need any more shopping than you’ve already told us?

    Take care

    Nessa xx

    • shortclaws says:

      We’re having a very quiet two weeks counting down the days. It’s pretty relaxing staying with Maureen’s grandma and not being tourists for a little while, so we should be fully recharged for your arrival. Make sure you bring an umbrella though – there has been a torrential downpour on two out of three evenings so far!!!

    • Hels says:

      Hi Nessa,

      Thanks for the hotel link – it looks lovely with nice modern bedrooms. The homemade cakes will probably sway it for us though! Mmmmm cakes, nom, nom, nom! ;0)

      Hope you and Tim have a great holiday in Indonesia!

      Hels x

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