20 May
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Posts Tagged ‘temple

26 June 2011

Santa Catalina

I’m very happy we went to the trouble of extending our stay in Arequipa by a day, despite the rebooking of buses, car hire and hotels required. Not only because we badly needed a day of (mostly) rest, but because we visited the magical Convent of Santa Catalina, one of the most delightful places I’ve » » »

23 June 2011

Arequipa day

21st June 2011 We phoned up the local agent Joel who handled our Peru itinerary and twisted his arm to get us an additional night in Arequipa and to defer our bus back to Chile for another day. Good man, he came through for us and so we had today at leisure instead of jumping » » »

9 June 2011

Cunning artificers

7th June 2011 Everyone has heard of the Incas, right? Yet their civilisation only started in the 13th century and lasted two hundred years or so before the Spanish dropped on them from a great height in the 16th. The Tiwanaku civilisation pre-dates the Incas and managed to last over 2000 years before failing in » » »

2 February 2011

Poor hat

31st January 2011 I would have been quite happy to hang around the house all day doing not much, but oh no we had to go and visit the clifftop temple of Ulu Watu with grandma. Also known as the monkey temple. Actually, almost all temples in South-East Asia seem to be known as the » » »