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3 August 2014

That’ll do

29th July 2014

Gnuuuur… it’s still stinking hot. Flapping along the pavement under a 30 degree sun with sticky clothes and energy levels so drained by the heat that when you do wander into a shop you just can’t summon up much interest in the contents. No wonder the Swedes all sod off to the country for the summer! We had settled on one of the only interesting restaurants that was still open for a leisurely final day lunch, only to find that it simply hadn’t bothered updating its website to say that it was closed for the summer like everywhere else.

So we ambled (dragged ourselves?) around Sodermalm for the day, with a stop for lunch, and then explored the photography museum – Fotografiska – to hide from the heat of the afternoon. There was an astonishing display of black-and-white natural history photography from around the world, all taken by one guy who appears to have visited every isolated and wild corner of the globe. SebastiĆ£o Salgado is his name and it’s pretty tempting to buy his book, Genesis.

Heading back to the distant airport, what do I reflect about Stockholm and Sweden? It’s a handsome city to live in, surrounded by water and filled with shops and restaurants. It’s very easy to see past our spot of bad luck (restaurants closed and perhaps a tad too hot) and find very little not to like, especially with everyone speaking English. It was very nice. That said, I’m not sure what’s going to draw me back?

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