27 Sep
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15 December 2018

Wanna go home!

Oh look, more rain

Oh look, more rain

12 December 2018

I’ve had enough torrential rain. Enough walking on roads and dodging traffic. More than enough motorbikes. I’ve had enough difficult conversations. Enough ordering in restaurants by pointing, gesticulating and then hoping that what comes is what we wanted. Enough haggling or just resigning yourself to paying way over the odds. Enough uncertainty over whether a friendly hello is a friendly hello or just the intro to a sales pitch.

Actually, the only real problem is that I’ve got a stinking cold. In those circumstances, all the extra effort needed to operate in a country like Vietnam feels like way too much effort. If we were travelling for a year, then at this point I’d advocate stopping for 3 days in a nice hotel in a nice enough town and not doing very much of anything until equilibrium is restored and we’re ready for more adventure. That’s how long-term travelling works. But as it happens, our flight back to London is only 36 hours away now so the urge is much simpler: I wanna go home. : )

Really, there’s nothing more to report on today. We got our clothes fitted and adjusted, did a bit of souvenir shopping, ate a bit more nice food, plodded back and forth through the rain, then got ourselves packed for the journey home. Had one more good cup of Vietnamese coffee along the way. That’s actually one of my favourite things about Vietnam: very strong, thick black coffee mixed with condensed milk, the insane sweetness necessary to balance the insane strength of the coffee. Very good.

Vietnamese coffee - one of the good guys

Vietnamese coffee – one of the good guys

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