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14 June 2010

Where we’ve been

To make the homepage look complete we’ve linked to galleries from our last four holidays, until we’ve been travelling enough to have four brand new ones. We’ve been to a few parts of the world already, but very definitely holidaying rather than travelling! Here’s a quick run-down of our explorations so far…

  • We’ve been to Europe quite a few times, mostly on city breaks and week-long holidays.  We’ve set foot in: Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Vatican, Malta, Austria, Greece and Turkey.
  • We’ve taken three trips to North America: California, Florida and British Columbia.  We were rewarded with sightings of the North American otter in Florida and, of course, the sea otter in California.  No otters in BC, but one memorable day we almost walked into a grizzly bear.
  • We visited Botswana a few years ago, and indulged in the most extravagant safari experience.  It was the splurge of a lifetime.  Though we saw an enormous range of animals, the closest we came to an otter was the sound of one squeaking in alarm as it rapidly swam away from our mokoro.
  • We went to Brazil and we did see otters there!  We saw a pair of giant otters in the Pantanal, and a neotropical otter in the Amazon basin.  Happy days!
  • We’ve also spent a couple of weeks in Rajasthan in India, where we hired a car and driver.  We weren’t expecting wildlife, and didn’t see much apart from the domesticated variety which wandered the streets freely.
  • And a very reeeelaxing holiday in Dominica and St Lucia

That’s 21 countries in all, not that we’re counting.

In spite of all these overseas holidays, we’re big fans of the British countryside, and try to visit different areas whenever we have time.  Wild otters are fairly rare in Britain, but we have been fortunate enough to see them in Skye and Mull in Scotland, and Somerset in England (more details on www.amblonyx.com).

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