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20 January 2011

Wildlife on Langkawi

Langkawi is actually a great place for wildlife, although admittedly not many mammals (except for the best of all, otters). Hard to believe we were only here for 36 hours.


2 Responses to “Wildlife on Langkawi”

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  2. WChinner says:

    Hi Matthew & Maureen,
    Congratulations for getting these wonderful otters in Langkawi!! Actually, they are now not easy to spot unlike those days like 3 years ago. Shooting them by those fish farmers would be the main culprits and as well as hunted by wild dogs.

    I had a look at your otter picture (the one which was by the edge of the water) and i hope you don’t mind telling me a bit here. From that picture, are we able to tell the difference between small clawed otter(Amblonyx cinereus) and the smooth otter (lutrogale perspicillata)? this one here looked a lot bigger than the Amblonyx. I am just curious to know, hope you mind me asking…

    Many thanks.

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