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9 June 2011

Bolivia in brief

We only stayed four days in La Paz, with one excursion out to see Tiwanaku on the high plateau. Even with this brief glance there’s lots to find fascinating about Bolivia.

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3 Responses to “Bolivia in brief”

  1. Eleanor Dennison says:

    Ironically enough I DO know how the bowler hat tradition started … sorta. My church did a mission in Bolivia, so they got the scoop and let us all know. Apparently, Victorian-era-ish, Bolivia was a thriving colony and all Western conveniences/fashion was available. The hat makers taught the local women to make the bowler hats, so as to adequately exploit the cheap labor. When the colonizers left, that is what the women knew how to make, so they made them for themselves.

    • shortclaws says:

      Cool – thanks for that. Now the only thing that remains to be explained is why they prefer the hats to be too small and perched jauntily atop their heads!

  2. Dave says:

    Really kind of you n’all but we were just given a premium dried baby lama gift set so we don’t really need any more at the moment. Nice photo’s the one of San Francisco church looks like an HDR image!

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