24 Feb
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Everything else

These are all the other bits of equipment that don’t fit in an obvious category. We’ll make updates on them as we go, click on updates to see.

Sleeping soundly

Sleeping bags would have scuppered any chance of packing small rucksacks, and we have no plans (currently!) to camp out or sleep in really grotty accomodation. So we’ve settled on silk sleeping bag liners, which apparently add up to +4C to the temperature of a bed – and we’ll hope it’ll never be colder!

Bits and bobs

Matthew is terribly attracted to ingenious and/or useful items. However, some things seemed likely to be genuinely useful and also quite small: a travel plug, for basins with none of their own; a twisty elastic clothes-line, because there will never be enough door handles to dangle a washload from; headlamps, because they leave both hands free; duct tape (small roll), universally useful!

Swiss Army knife

Of course, it has to go in the checked baggage, but our big rucksack is too large for the cabin anyway, and having a knife, scissors, toothpick, tweezers, screwdriver and corkscrew in one item is far too useful for words. The Leatherman could have been an alternative, but presumably they decided that a corkscrew isn’t a manly enough implement for their tools. Idiots.

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