13 Jul
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Medicines and toiletries

These are the things we’ve taken for medicine, first aid and keeping ourselves smelling okay. Check the updates link where we hope to provide updates on our choices.

First aid kit

There are some vast and impressive kits on sale, that seem sufficient to open a small clinic with. We’ve gone for a tiny compact pack with a few essentials. Frankly, if one of us is in need of sutures and fancy bandages then we’re probably in more need of professional medical assistance!

We’ve also got a handful of key home medicines (see packing list), and whatever we need for our own special ailments.

Mosquito avoidance measures

Not being bitten by mosquitoes is a great way to avoid tropical illnesses. Unfortunately a mosquito net would be just too bulky, so we’re going to have to hope most of our accomodation is well supplied with screens and nets. We’ve got a plug-in mosquito killer, to try and keep our rooms clear, and we’ve got DEET to spray on all exposed flesh. It’s horrible stuff, but we’re just not convinced any of the natural options are going to do the trick – avoiding bites is really important. Maureen is also going to try DEET-soaked mosquito bands for wrists and ankles, we’ll see how that goes.

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