24 Feb
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Packing list

Here’s a pretty complete packing list as we head out the door on our travels. If we’ve still got the energy, we’ll make a list of what we returned home with in a year’s time!

Netbook Toshiba NB200
Netbook case Zeroshock III in white
DSLR camera Nikon D50
70-300mm telephoto zoom lens Nikkor with VR
1.4x teleconverter
Charger and spare battery for DSLR
Super-compact camera Panasonic Lumix ZX-1 in blue
Soft underwater camera case For the ZX-1
2GB SD cards x 3 For the cameras, which both take them
32GB SDHC cards x 2 For backing up data off the netbook
Mobile phone x 2
International SIM cards x 2
iPod x 2
Mini speaker
International plug adaptor
Packs and packing
Rucksacks x 2 Osprey Atmos 45 and 55 litres
Rucksack raincover x 2
Cable lock
Combination padlock x 2 For the rucksacks
Shoulder bag Howies, canvas
Packing cubes Eagle Creek, 2 cubes, 3 half-cubes
Waterproof bag
Ziplock bags
Airtight plastic food box
Valuables pouch This one goes ’round the neck
Clothing – Maureen
Lightweight waterproof jacket Berghaus
Sleeveless down jacket
Lightweight fleece pullover Patagonia
Trousers x 2
Technical leggings Icebreaker, merino wool
Long-sleeve top x 2
T-shirt x 2
Vest top x 1
Silk nightwear (shirt + shorts)
Hiking socks x 4
Underwear x 5
Silk gloves
Lightweight tube scarf
Walking shoes Montrail
Sandals Teva
DVT socks For the plane
Baseball cap
Clothing – Matthew
Lightweight waterproof jacket Marmot
Sleeveless down jacket
Zip-up merino top Icebreaker
Trousers x 2
Technical leggings Icebreaker, merino wool
Long-sleeve shirt
Long-sleeve top
T-shirt x 2
Swimming shorts Aubin and Wills
Hiking socks x 3
Underwear x 4
Silk gloves
Lightweight tube scarf
Walking shoes Montrail
Baseball cap
Medicine and toiletries
Emergency first-aid kit Lifeventure Essentials kit
Blister gel
Washbag x 2
Nail clippers
Hand sanitizer Small bottle of waterless cleanser
Lipbalm with sunscreen
Vaccination record books Especially important for Yellow Fever
Insect repellant (DEET)
Plug-in mosquito killer Tablet variety, with 30 tablets
Mosquito bands Wrist and ankle
Motion sickness bands Acupressure points on the wrists – let’s see if it works
Swiss army knife With corkscrew!
Universal plug For basins, not sockets
Elastic twisty clothesline
Sleeping bag liner x 2 Silk, though not ripstop
Umbrella Tiny Fulton one
Sewing kit
Duct tape Small roll
Water filter bottle
Head torch x 2 Petzl
Packet tissues x 2
Knife, fork and spoon set Titanium! Only one, as Maureen will eat with her fingers
Towel x 2 Trek towels, M + XL, Lifeventure
Sunglasses x 2
Spare glasses x 2
Driving license
International driving license
Travel insurance details
Credit cards x 3
Photocopies of the above
Guidebook To the current and/or next destination
Travel journal
Pencils x 4 IOSF pencils!

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