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Bird list

This is a list of all the birds we’ve spotted that we’ve been able to identify. It has to be confessed that mammals are our real obsession, but it’s addictive spotting for birds while waiting hours for that elusive otter to appear!

# Species Country Location Notes
1 Spotted eagle owl SA Marrick Common here
2 Two-banded courser SA Marrick
3 Grass hawk SA Marrick
4 Ant eating chat SA Marrick
5 Hoopoe SA Marrick One at the lodge
6 Barn owl SA Marrick A pair hunting at night
7 Social weavers SA Karoo Huge nests along the roadside
8 Osprey SA Orange River Probably, roadside south of Upington
9 Black-chested snake eagle SA Karoo Single bird
10 Yellow-billed hornbill SA Kgaligadi, Karoo
11 Southern pale chanting goshawk SA Kgaligadi, Karoo Common in Kgalagadi
12 Ostrich SA Kgaligadi, Marrick
13 Crowned lapwing SA Kgaligadi
14 Red-breasted shrike SA Kgaligadi Common in Kgalagadi
15 Common fiscal SA Kgaligadi
16 Yellow canary SA Kgaligadi
17 Kori bustard SA Kgaligadi Common in Kgalagadi
18 Fork-tailed drongo SA Kgaligadi
19 Cape glossy starling SA Kgaligadi
20 Bateleur eagle SA Kgaligadi Two sightings
21 Lanner falcon SA Kgaligadi Close-up of bird on prey
22 Tawny eagle SA Kgaligadi
23 White-backed vulture SA Kgaligadi
24 Secretary bird SA Kgaligadi
25 African red-eyed bulbul SA Kgaligadi
26 Cape crow SA Kgaligadi
27 Laughing dove SA Kgaligadi
28 Lilac-breasted roller SA Kgaligadi
29 Giant eagle owl SA Kgaligadi Pair with nest in tree
30 Martial eagle SA Karoo Lone bird with prey
31 Black-shouldered kite SA Augrabies Bird on a wire
32 Pygmy falcon SA Augrabies Three, hunting lizards
33 Verreaux’s eagle SA Augrabies Two circling along ridge
34 Booted eagle SA Augrabies One perched
35 Cape robin-chat SA Augrabies
36 White-backed mousebird SA Augrabies
37 Red-faced mousebird SA Augrabies
38 Speckled pigeon SA Augrabies
39 Pale-winged starling SA Augrabies
40 Spur-winged duck SA Augrabies
41 Hamerkop SA Augrabies One rummaging for shrimp
42 Black korhaan SA Kgaligadi
43 Cape turtledove SA Kgaligadi
44 Hadida ibis SA Augrabies
45 Masked weaver SA Augrabies
46 Black stork SA Augrabies One overflying
47 Pied crow SA Karoo
48 White-necked raven SA Namaqua
49 Yellow bishop SA Namaqua
50 Red-knobbed coot SA Namaqua
51 Jackass penguin SA Cape Peninsula Boulder’s Beach colony
52 Egyptian goose SA Cape Peninsula
53 Cape spurfowl SA Cape Peninsula
54 Helmeted guineafowl SA Cape Peninsula
55 Hartlaub’s gull SA Cape Peninsula
56 Kelp gull SA Cape Peninsula
57 Rock dove (pigeon!) SA Cape Town Pigeons!
58 Sacred ibis SA Cape Peninsula
59 Orange-breasted sunbird SA Cape Peninsula
60 Southern boubou SA Cape Peninsula
61 Cape sugarbird SA Cape Peninsula
62 Red-winged starling SA Cape Peninsula
63 Rock kestrel SA Table mountain
64 Southern double-collared sunbird SA Kirstenbosch
65 Olive thrush SA Kirstenbosch
66 Cape white-eye SA Cape Town
67 Cape cormorant SA Cape Point
68 Swift tern SA Cape Point
69 Jackal buzzard SA Cape Point
70 Blacksmith lapwing SA Cape Point
71 African black oystercatcher SA Cape Point
72 White breasted cormorant SA Cape Point
73 Bokmakiere SA Cape Point
74 Black-headed heron SA Simon’s Town
75 Grey heron SA Cape Point
76 Pied avocet SA Cape Point
77 White-fronted plover SA Cape Point
78 Pied kingfisher SA Fish Hoek
79 Little egret SA Cape Point
80 Cape wagtail SA Cape Point
81 Cape canary SA Hermanus
82 Kittlitz’s plover SA Betty”s Bay
83 Shy albatross SA Hermanus
84 Blue crane SA De Hoop
85 Subantarctic skua SA Hermanus
86 Great crested grebe SA De Hoop
87 Karoo prinia SA De Hoop
88 Great white pelican SA De Hoop
89 Reed cormorant SA De Hoop
90 Bar-throated apalis SA De Hoop
91 Black-crowned night heron SA De Hoop
92 Yellow-billed egret SA De Hoop
93 Black-winged stilt SA De Hoop
94 Little grebe SA De Hoop
95 Cape weaver SA De Hoop
96 Fiscal flycatcher SA De Hoop
97 Cape vulture SA De Hoop
98 Knysna turaco SA Storm River Mouth
99 Giant kingfisher SA Storm River Mouth
100 African darter SA De Hoop
101 Brown-hooded kingfisher SA Storm River Village
102 Speckled mousebird SA Natures Valley
103 Steppe buzzard SA Storm River Mouth
104 Red-necked spurfowl SA Prince Alfred’s Pass
105 African dusky flycatcher SA Natures Valley
106 Sombre greenbul SA Natures Valley
107 Mute swan SA Camdeboo NP
108 African spoonbill SA Camdeboo NP
109 White-browed sparrow weaver SA Mountain Zebra NP
110 Long-crested eagle SA Natal midlands Roadside
111 African fishing eagle SA Tillietudlem
112 African stone chat SA Tillietudlem
113 African black duck SA Tillietudlem
114 Cape longclaw SA Tillietudlem
115 African harrier hawk SA Tillietudlem
116 South african shelduck SA Tillietudlem
117 Common moorhen SA Tillietudlem
118 Southern black tit SA Tillietudlem
119 White-throated swallow SA Tillietudlem
120 African wattled lapwing SA Tillietudlem
121 Drakensburg prinia SA Tillietudlem
122 Yellow-billed duck SA Tillietudlem
123 Levaillant”s cisticola SA Tillietudlem
124 Yellow-billed kite SA Natal midlands
125 Brimstone canary SA Cathedral Peak
126 Greater double-collared sunbird SA Cathedral Peak
127 Dark-capped bulbul SA Cathedral Peak
128 Cape batis SA Monk’s cowl
129 Grey cuckooshrike SA Monk’s cowl
130 Chorister robin chat SA Monk’s cowl
131 Bush blackcap SA Monk’s cowl
132 African firefinch SA Monk’s cowl
133 Cape grassbird SA Monk’s cowl
134 Lazy cisticola SA Monk’s cowl
135 Forest canary SA Monk’s cowl
136 Cutthroat finch SA Lowveld At Anne’s Cotton Club Cafe
137 Maribou stork SA Lowveld Moholoholo
138 Hooded vulture SA Lowveld Moholoholo
139 Narina trogon SA Blyde River Canyon
140 Tambourine dove SA Blyde River Canyon
141 White-fronted sunbird SA Blyde River Canyon
142 Olive woodpecker SA Blyde River Canyon
143 Magpie shrike SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
144 Blue waxbill SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
145 Red-breasted swallow SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
146 Crested barbet SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
147 Yellow-billed stork SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
148 African jacana SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
149 African pied wagtail SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
150 Black crake SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
151 Natal spurfowl SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
152 African grey hornbill SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
153 Brown snake eagle SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
154 White-faced duck SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
155 Green-backed heron SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
156 Burchell’s starling SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
157 Grey go-away-bird SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
158 Black-bellied bustard SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
159 Golden breasted bunting SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
160 Water thick-knee SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
161 Square-tailed nightjar SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
162 Emerald-spotted wood dove SA Kruger, Central
163 Saddle-billed stork SA Kruger, Olifants
164 Swainson’s spurfowl SA Kruger, Olifants
165 Crested francolin SA Kruger, Olifants
166 Goliath heron SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
167 Pearl-spotted owlet SA Kruger, Central
168 Red-billed oxpecker SA Kruger, Central
169 Burchell’s coucal SA Kruger, Central
170 Southern ground hornbill SA Kruger, North
171 Red-billed hornbill SA Kruger, North
172 Woolly-necked stork SA Kruger, North
173 Purple roller SA Kruger, Punda Maria
174 Striped kingfisher SA Kruger, Punda Maria
175 Dark chanting goshawk SA Kruger, Punda Maria
176 Yellow-bellied greenbul SA Kruger, Punda Maria
177 Swallow-tailed bee-eater SA Kruger, Punda Maria
178 Brown-headed parrot SA Kruger, Punda Maria
179 Red-crested korhaan SA Kruger, North
180 African hawk-eagle SA Kruger, North
181 Double-banded sandgrouse SA Kruger, North
182 Cape shoveller SA Marievale
183 Red-billed teal SA Marievale
184 Whiskered tern SA Marievale
185 Hottentot teal SA Marievale
186 Glossy ibis SA Marievale
187 Squacco heron SA Marievale
188 Ruff SA Marievale
189 Malachite kingfisher SA Marievale
190 Long-tailed widowbird SA Marievale
191 Fan-tailed widowbird SA Marievale
192 African marsh harrier SA Marievale
193 Purple heron SA Marievale
194 African purple swamphen SA Marievale
195 African rail SA Marievale
196 Greater flamingo SA Marievale
197 Madagascar crested ibis Madagascar Ankarafantsika
198 Great egret Madagascar Ankarafantsika
199 Black egret (heron) Madagascar Ankarafantsika
200 Dimorphic egret Madagascar Ankarafantsika
201 Madagascar buzzard Madagascar Ankarafantsika
202 Madagascar buttonquail Madagascar Ankarafantsika
203 Malagasy turtledove Madagascar Ankarafantsika
204 Madagascar green pigeon Madagascar Ankarafantsika
205 Grey-headed lovebird Madagascar Ankarafantsika
206 Lesser vasa (black) parrot Madagascar Ankarafantsika
207 Crested coua Madagascar Ankarafantsika
208 Red-capped coua Madagascar Ankarafantsika
209 Coquerel’s coua Madagascar Ankarafantsika
210 Madagascar nightjar Madagascar Ankarafantsika
211 Cuckoo roller Madagascar Ankarafantsika
212 Olive (Madagascar) bee-eater Madagascar Ankarafantsika
213 Madagascar hoopoe Madagascar Ankarafantsika
214 Sickle-billed vanga Madagascar Ankarafantsika
215 Chabert’s vanga Madagascar Ankarafantsika
216 Common newtonia Madagascar Ankarafantsika
217 Crested drongo Madagascar Ankarafantsika
218 Malagasy paradise flycatcher Madagascar Ankarafantsika
219 Malagasy bulbul Madagascar Ankarafantsika
220 Long-billed bernieria (greenbul) Madagascar Ankarafantsika
221 Madagascar magpie-robin Madagascar Ankarafantsika
222 Souimanga sunbird Madagascar Ankarafantsika
223 Green sunbird Madagascar Ankarafantsika
224 White-headed vanga Madagascar Ankarafantsika In camp
225 White-faced whistling duck Madagascar Ankarafantsika Lake Ravelobe
226 Humblot’s heron Madagascar Ankarafantsika Lake Ravelobe
227 Madagascar jacana Madagascar Ankarafantsika Lake Ravelobe
228 Namaqua dove Madagascar Ankarafantsika
229 African palm swift Madagascar Ankarafantsika Lake Ravelobe
230 Madagascar coucal Madagascar Ankarafantsika Lake Ravelobe
231 Common jery Madagascar Ankarafantsika
232 Black-crowned night heron Madagascar Ankarafantsika Lake Ravelobe
233 Madagascar fish eagle Madagascar Ankarafantsika Lake Ravelobe
234 Madagascar sparrowhawk Madagascar Ankarafantsika
235 White-breasted mesite Madagascar Ankarafantsika
236 Malagasy scops owl Madagascar Ankarafantsika
237 Malagasy kingfisher Madagascar Ankarafantsika Lake Ravelobe
238 Hook-billed vanga Madagascar Ankarafantsika
239 Blue vanga Madagascar Ankarafantsika
240 Rufous vanga Madagascar Ankarafantsika
241 Madagascar (ashy) cuckooshrike Madagascar Ankarafantsika
242 Madagascar harrier Madagascar Highlands
243 Madagascar lark Madagascar Highlands
244 Madagascar kestrel Madagascar Highlands
245 Blue pigeon Madagascar Andasibe
246 Common mynah Madagascar NR2
247 Frances’s sparrowhawk Madagascar Andasibe
248 Madagascar flufftail Madagascar Andasibe
249 Forest rock-thrush Madagascar Andasibe
250 Red-fronted coua Madagascar Andasibe
251 Velvet asity Madagascar Andasibe
252 Red-tailed vanga Madagascar Andasibe
253 Nuthatch vanga Madagascar Andasibe
254 Dark newtonia Madagascar Andasibe
255 Ward’s flycatcher Madagascar Andasibe
256 Malagasy brush warbler Madagascar Andasibe
257 White-throated oxylabes Madagascar Andasibe
258 Nelicourvi weaver Madagascar Andasibe
259 Blue coua Madagascar Matadia
260 Madagascar swamp warbler Madagascar Matadia Lemur island
261 Grey-crowned tetraka (greenbul) Madagascar Matadia
262 Rand’s warbler Madagascar Matadia
263 Madgascar white-eye Madagascar Matadia
264 Sooty falcon Madagascar Ranomafana
265 Madgascar wood rail Madagascar Ranomafana
266 Madagascar cuckoo Madagascar Ranomafana
267 Collared nightjar Madagascar Ranomafana
268 Pitta-like ground roller Madagascar Ranomafana
269 Crossley’s babbler Madagascar Ranomafana
270 Wedge-tailed jery Madagascar Ranomafana
271 Spectacled tetraka (greenbul) Madagascar Ranomafana
272 Malagasy wagtail Madagascar Antsirabe
273 Black kite Nepal Kathmandu
274 House crow Nepal Kathmandu
275 Rose-ringed parakeet Nepal Bungmati
276 White-throated kingfisher Nepal Bhaktapur On the road to Tibet border
277 Black-necked crane Tibet Near Sigatse
278 Indian hoopoe Tibet Gyantse
279 Ruddy shelduck Tibet Lake Yamdrok
280 Bar-headed goose Tibet Lake Yamdrok
281 Common raven Tibet Gyantse Ralung monastery
282 Alexandrine parakeet Nepal Kathmandu valley Bhaktapur
283 Black drongo Nepal Kathmandu Bhaktapur
284 Spotted dove Nepal Poon Hill
285 White-capped water redstart Nepal Poon Hill
286 Little forktail Nepal Poon Hill
287 Plumbeous water redstart Nepal Poon Hill
288 Rufous sibia Nepal Poon Hill
289 Yellow-bellied fantail Nepal Poon Hill
290 Green-backed tit Nepal Poon Hill
291 Grey-crested tit Nepal Poon Hill
292 Jungle crow Nepal Poon Hill
293 Green-tailed sunbird Nepal Poon Hill
294 Red-vented bulbul Nepal Poon Hill
295 Slaty-headed parakeet Nepal Poon Hill
296 Striated laughing thrush Nepal Poon Hill
297 Yellow-billed blue magpie Nepal Poon Hill
298 White-tailed nuthatch Nepal Poon Hill
299 Rufous treepie Nepal Bardia
300 Pied bushchat Nepal Bardia
301 Indian peafowl Nepal Bardia
302 Jungle babbler Nepal Bardia
303 Coppersmith barbet Nepal Bardia
304 Spot-bellied eagle owl Nepal Bardia
305 Black stork Nepal Bardia
306 Crested serpent eagle Nepal Bardia
307 Grey-headed woodpecker Nepal Bardia
308 Grey bushchat Nepal Poon Hill
309 Black-rumped flameback Nepal Bardia
310 Black ibis Nepal Bardia
311 Plum-headed parakeet Nepal Bardia
312 Oriental white-eye Nepal Bardia
313 Emerald dove Nepal Bardia
314 Red-wattled lapwing Nepal Bardia
315 Common greenshank Nepal Bardia
316 Brown-faced barbet Nepal Bardia
317 Stork-billed kingfisher Nepal Bardia
318 White-browed wagtail Nepal Bardia
319 Honey buzzard Nepal Bardia
320 Black-hooded oriole Nepal Bardia
321 Little ringed plover Nepal Bardia
322 Intermediate egret Nepal Bardia
323 White wagtail Nepal Bardia
324 Red-whiskered bulbul Nepal Bardia
325 Common tailorbird Nepal Bardia
326 Jungle fowl Nepal Bardia
327 Pied hornbill Nepal Bardia
328 Yellow wagtail Nepal Bardia
329 Common sandpiper Nepal Bardia
330 Indian pond heron Nepal Bardia
331 Oriental turtle dove Nepal Bardia
332 Eurasian collared dove Nepal Bardia
333 Great tit Nepal Bardia
334 Shikra Nepal Bardia
335 Greater racket-tailed drongo Nepal Terai
336 Himalayan flameback Nepal Chitwan
337 Indian roller Nepal Chitwan
338 Common kingfisher Nepal Bardia
339 Lesser coucal Nepal Chitwan
340 Bronze-winged jacana Nepal Chitwan
341 River lapwing Nepal Chitwan
342 Great cormorant Nepal Bardia
343 Little cormorant Nepal Bardia
344 Little heron Nepal Chitwan
345 Asian openbill Nepal Chitwan
346 Lesser adjutant Nepal Chitwan
347 Long-tailed shrike Nepal Chitwan
348 Sand martin Nepal Bardia
349 Common kestrel Nepal Chitwan
350 Indian darter Nepal Chitwan
351 Variegated laughingthrush Nepal Langtang
352 Snow pigeon Nepal Langtang
353 Rosy pipit Nepal Langtang
354 Lammergeier Nepal Langtang
355 Red-billed chough Nepal Langtang
356 Yellow-billed chough Nepal Langtang
357 White-winged redstart Nepal Langtang
358 Small niltava Nepal Langtang
359 Fulvous-breasted woodpecker Nepal Langtang
360 Blue whistling thrush Nepal Langtang
361 White-browed rosefinch Nepal Langtang
362 White-throated laughingthrush Nepal Langtang
363 Fire-tailed sunbird Nepal Langtang
364 Rufous-vented yuhina Nepal Langtang
365 Spotted nutcracker Nepal Langtang
366 White-winged grosbeak Nepal Langtang
367 Himalayan monal Nepal Langtang
368 Rufous-vented tit Nepal Langtang
369 Crimson-browed finch Nepal Langtang
370 Streaked laughingthrush Nepal Langtang
371 Chestnut-tailed minla Nepal Langtang
372 Oriental magpie robin Thailand Chiang Mai Doi Suthep
373 Peaceful dove Thailand Chiang Mai
374 Green-billed malkoha Thailand Hala Bala
375 Black-thighed falconet Thailand Hala Bala
376 Tiger shrike Thailand Hala Bala
377 Whiskered treeswift Thailand Hala Bala
378 Grey-rumped treeswift Thailand Hala Bala
379 Silver-rumped needletail Thailand Hala Bala
380 Banded broadbill Thailand Hala Bala
381 White-vented myna Thailand Mae Hong Son
382 Grey-headed canary flycatcher Thailand Mae Hong Son
383 Chestnut-flanked white-eye Thailand Chiang Mai
384 Long-legged buzzard Thailand Doi Inthanon
385 Greater green leafbird Thailand Hala Bala
386 Pied fantain Thailand Hala Bala
387 Ashy tailorbird Thailand Hala Bala
388 Common iora Thailand Hala Bala
389 Great hornbill Thailand Hala Bala
390 Javan frogmouth Thailand Hala Bala
391 Grey nightjar Thailand Hala Bala
392 Rhinoceros hornbill Thailand Hala Bala
393 Blue-crowned hanging parrot Thailand Hala Bala
394 Chestnut-naped forktail Thailand Hala Bala
395 Common flameback Thailand Hala Bala
396 Bushy-crowned hornbill Thailand Hala Bala
397 Blue-banded kingfisher Thailand Hala Bala
398 Yellow-vented bulbul Cambodia Ek Phnom
399 Blue-tailed bee-eater Cambodia Tonle Sap
400 Chinese pond heron Cambodia Tonle Sap
401 Red-breasted parakeet Cambodia Angkor
402 Greater coucal Cambodia Tonle Sap
403 Blue-eared kingfisher Thailand Khao Sok
404 Black-capped kingfisher Thailand Khao Sok
405 Blue rock thrush Thailand Khao Sok
406 Lesser fish eagle Thailand Khao Sok
407 Wreathed hornbill Thailand Khao Sok
408 Wallace’s hawk eagle Thailand Khao Sok
409 White-bellied sea eagle Thailand Khao Sok
410 Plaintive cuckoo Thailand Khao Sok
411 Lesser racket-tailed drongo Thailand Ko Surin
412 Dollarbird Thailand Ko Surin
413 Orange-bellied flowerpecker Thailand Ko Surin
414 Brahminy kite Thailand Phang Nga
415 Pacific reef egret Thailand Phang Nga
416 Pacific swallow Thailand Ko Yao Noi
417 Pied imperial pigeon Thailand Ko Surin
418 Olive-winged bulbul Thailand Ko Yao Noi
419 Brown-throated sunbird Thailand Ko Yao Noi
420 Collared kingfisher Malaysia Langkawi
421 Brown-winged kingfisher Malaysia Langkawi
422 Chestnut-winged cuckoo Malaysia Langkawi
423 Large-tailed nightjar Malaysia Langkawi
424 Pink-necked green pigeon Malaysia Langkawi
425 White-breasted waterhen Malaysia Langkawi
426 Grey-headed lapwing Malaysia Langkawi
427 Chestnut-headed bee-eater Malaysia Langkawi
428 Yellow bittern Malaysia Langkawi
429 Black-naped oriole Malaysia Langkawi
430 Asian brown flycatcher Malaysia Penang NP
431 Red-eyed bulbul Malaysia Langkawi
432 Chestnut-breasted malkoha Malaysia Penang NP
433 Javan myna Singapore Sungei Buloh
434 White-headed munia Indonesia Bali, Amlapura
435 Whimbrel Indonesia Flores, Labuan Bajo
436 Common tern Indonesia Flores, Labuan Bajo
437 Great-billed heron Indonesia Flores, Labuan Bajo
438 Richard’s pipit Indonesia Flores, Labuan Bajo
439 Green imperial pigeon Indonesia Flores, Labuan Bajo
440 Pacific black duck Indonesia Flores, Labuan Bajo
441 Black-crowned night heron Indonesia Flores, Labuan Bajo
442 Galah Australia Denham
443 Emu Australia Highway 1, WA
444 Singing honeyeater Australia Shark Bay
445 Pied cormorant Australia Shark Bay
446 Rainbow lorikeet Australia Fremantle
447 Banded lapwing Australia Rottnest Island
448 Red-necked avocet Australia Rottnest Island
449 Australian shelduck Australia Rottnest Island
450 Ruddy turnstone Australia Rottnest Island
451 Black-winged stilt Australia Rottnest Island
452 Rainbow bee-eater Australia Rottnest Island
453 Fairy tern Australia Rottnest Island
454 Australian raven Australia Rottnest Island
455 Common pheasant Australia Rottnest Island
456 Willie wagtail Australia Fremantle
457 Red wattlebird Australia Rottnest Island
458 Brown falcon Australia Shark Bay
459 Wedge-tailed eagle Australia Highway 1, WA
460 Red-tailed black cockatoo Australia Shark Bay
461 Australian white ibis Australia Dongara
462 Magpie lark Australia Dongara
463 Australian pelican Australia Dongara
464 Pacific gull Australia Dongara
465 Little corella Australia Dongara
466 Mistletoebird Australia The Pinnacles
467 Welcome swallow Australia Shark Bay
468 Roseate tern Australia Shark Bay
469 Black swan Australia Fremantle
470 Black-faced cuckooshrike Australia Tuart Forest, Bunbury
471 Australian ringneck Australia Tuart Forest, Bunbury
472 Australian magpie Australia Tuart Forest, Bunbury
473 Silvereye Australia Jarrah forest, Margaret River
474 Grey fantail Australia Jarrah forest, Margaret River
475 Western rosella Australia Jarrah forest, Margaret River
476 Straw-necked ibis Australia Pemberton area
477 Yellow-billed spoonbill Australia Pemberton area
478 Scarlet robin Australia Pemberton area
479 Whistling kite Australia Pemberton area
480 Swamp harrier Australia Pemberton area
481 Common bronzewing Australia Pemberton area
482 Baudin’s black-cockatoo Australia Pemberton area
483 Crested pigeon Australia Manjimup forest park
484 New Holland honeyeater Australia Manjimup forest park
485 Laughing kookaburra Australia Manjimup forest park
486 White-naped honeyeater Australia Manjimup forest park
487 Red-winged fairy-wren Australia Manjimup forest park
488 Splendid fairy-wren Australia Walpole area, Tingle forest
489 Red-eared firetail Australia Walpole area, Tingle forest
490 White-breasted robin Australia Walpole area, Tingle forest
491 White-browed babbler Australia Walpole area, Tingle forest
492 Australian pied oystercatcher Australia Two Peoples Bay
493 Sooty oystercatcher Australia Two Peoples Bay
494 Purple swamphen Australia Two Peoples Bay
495 Tree martin Australia Walpole area, Tingle forest
496 Nankeen kestrel Australia Torndirnup NP, Albany
497 Musk duck Australia Emu Point, Albany
498 Australian wood duck Australia Emu Point, Albany
499 Red-capped parrot Australia Perup NR, Manjimup
500 Golden whistler Australia Perup NR, Manjimup
501 White-faced heron Australia Perup NR, Manjimup
502 Rufous treecreeper Australia Dryandra, Narrogin
503 Grey currawong Australia Dryandra, Narrogin
504 Black-faced woodswallow Australia Dryandra, Narrogin
505 Western yellow robin Australia Dryandra, Narrogin
506 Dusky woodswallow Australia Perup NR, Manjimup
507 Bullers mollymawk New Zealand Doubtful Sound
508 White-fronted tern New Zealand Doubtful Sound
509 New Zealand pigeon New Zealand Doubtful Sound
510 Sooty shearwater New Zealand Doubtful Sound
511 Variable oystercatcher New Zealand Doubtful Sound
512 Pied shag New Zealand Doubtful Sound
513 Black-backed gull New Zealand Doubtful Sound
514 Fiordland crested penguin New Zealand Doubtful Sound
515 Kea New Zealand Eglinton valley
516 Tomtit New Zealand Eglinton valley
517 Rifleman New Zealand Eglinton valley
518 New Zealand robin New Zealand Eglinton valley
519 Bellbird New Zealand Eglinton valley
520 California quail New Zealand Queenstown Hill
521 Yellowhammer New Zealand Queenstown Hill
522 New Zealand pipit New Zealand Queenstown Hill
523 New Zealand scaup New Zealand Queenstown shore
524 Australasian harrier New Zealand Queenstown Hill
525 Australian crested grebe New Zealand Queenstown shore
526 Paradise shelduck New Zealand Routeburn valley
527 Yellow-crowned parakeet New Zealand Routeburn valley
528 Spur-winged plover New Zealand Catlins coast
529 Stewart Island shag New Zealand Catlins coast
530 Kingfisher (Kotare) New Zealand Catlins coast
531 Yellow-eyed penguin New Zealand Catlins coast
532 Redpoll New Zealand Catlins coast
533 Little shag New Zealand Catlins coast
534 Pied stilt New Zealand Catlins coast
535 Royal albatross New Zealand Otago peninsula
536 White-capped mollymawk New Zealand Otago peninsula
537 Giant petrel New Zealand Otago peninsula
538 White-chinned petrel New Zealand Otago peninsula
539 Pied oystercatcher New Zealand Otago peninsula
540 Blue penguin New Zealand Otago peninsula
541 Royal spoonbill New Zealand Otago peninsula
542 Canada goose New Zealand Otago peninsula
543 Mallard New Zealand Otago peninsula
544 Pukeko New Zealand Otago peninsula
545 Red-billed gull New Zealand Otago peninsula
546 Black-billed gull New Zealand Queenstown
547 Chaffinch New Zealand Kaikoura
548 Greenfinch New Zealand Kaikoura
549 Wandering albatross New Zealand Kaikoura
550 Australasian gannet New Zealand Otago peninsula
551 Cape pigeon New Zealand Kaikoura
552 Hutton’s shearwater New Zealand Kaikoura
553 Fluttering shearwater New Zealand Queen Charlotte sound
554 Spotted shag New Zealand Queen Charlotte sound
555 Saddleback New Zealand Motuara Island
556 Grey warbler New Zealand Queen Charlotte track
557 Fantail New Zealand Queen Charlotte track
558 Weka New Zealand Queen Charlotte track
559 Little black shag New Zealand Queen Charlotte sound
560 King shag New Zealand Queen Charlotte sound
561 New Zealand falcon New Zealand Lake Matheson
562 Sulphur-crested cockatoo Australia Sydney botanic gardens
563 Little (brush) wattlebird Australia Manly Scenic Walkway
564 Eastern yellow robin Australia Royal National Park
565 Red-browed treecreeper Australia Royal National Park
566 Tasmanian native-hen Australia Mount Field NP, Tasmania
567 Green rosella Australia Loongana, Tasmania
568 Black currawong Australia Loongana, Tasmania
569 Superb fairy-wren Australia Mount Field NP, Tasmania
570 Pink robin Australia Loongana, Tasmania
571 Yellow-tailed black cockatoo Australia Loongana, Tasmania
572 Yellow wattlebird Australia Loongana, Tasmania
573 Tasmanian thornbill Australia Loongana, Tasmania
574 European goldfinch Australia Tasmania Arboretum
575 Chestnut teal Australia Tasmania Arboretum
576 Fan-tailed cuckoo Australia Narawntapu NP, Tasmania
577 Grey butcherbird Australia Narawntapu NP, Tasmania
578 Great cormorant Australia Tamar Valley, Tasmania
579 Cape Barren goose Australia Trowunna, Tasmania
580 Crescent honeyeater Australia Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
581 Olive whistler Australia Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
582 Crimson rosella Australia Great Ocean Road, Victoria
583 Australian king-parrot Australia Kennet River, Victoria
584 Bassian (Ground) Thrush Australia Port Fairy, Victoria
585 Brolga Australia Port Fairy, Victoria
586 Magpie goose Australia Tower Hill Reserve, Victoria
587 Red-rumped parrot Australia Grampians, Victoria
588 White-eared honeyeater Australia Grampians, Victoria
589 Long-billed corella Australia Grampians, Victoria
590 White-browed scrubwren Australia Kangaroo Island, SA
591 Glossy black cockatoo Australia Kangaroo Island, SA
592 Crested tern Australia Kangaroo Island, SA
593 Square-tailed kite Australia Flinders Rangers, SA
594 Elegant parrot Australia Flinders Rangers, SA
595 Zebra finch Australia Flinders Rangers, SA
596 Red-capped robin Australia Flinders Rangers, SA
597 Peaceful dove Australia Flinders Rangers, SA
598 Grey-fronted honeyeater Australia Flinders Rangers, SA
599 Painted button-quail Australia Kangaroo Island, SA
600 Grey shrike-thrush Australia Flinders Rangers, SA
601 Mulga parrot Australia Flinders Rangers, SA
602 Eastern rosella Australia Adelaide, SA
603 Stubble quail Australia Uluru, NT
604 Pied butcherbird Australia Uluru, NT Should not be found in red centre
605 Grey-headed honeyeater Australia Uluru, NT
606 Rufous songlark Australia Uluru, NT
607 Spinifex pigeon Australia Kings Canyon, NT
608 Western bowerbird Australia Kings Canyon, NT
609 White-plumed honeyeater Australia Kings Canyon, NT
610 Hooded robin Australia Kings Canyon, NT
611 Black-fronted dotterel Australia Glen Helen, NT
612 Crested bellbird Australia Serpentine Gorge, NT
613 Yellow-throated miner Australia Serpentine Gorge, NT
614 Red-backed kingfisher Australia Simpson’s Gap, NT
615 Brown goshawk Australia Alice Springs, NT
616 Eastern whipbird Australia Blue Mountains, NSW
617 Pied currawong Australia Blue Mountains, NSW
618 Southern giant petrel Chile Chiloe
619 Imperial cormorant Chile Chiloe
620 Flightless steamer-duck Chile Chiloe
621 Great grebe Chile Chepu, Chiloe
622 Black-necked swan Chile Chepu, Chiloe
623 Red-gartered coot Chile Chepu, Chiloe
624 Cocoi heron Chile Chepu, Chiloe
625 Southern lapwing Chile Chepu, Chiloe
626 Ringed kingfisher Chile Chepu, Chiloe
627 Spectacled duck Chile Chepu, Chiloe
628 Yellow-billed pintail Chile Chepu, Chiloe
629 Slender-billed parakeet Chile Chepu, Chiloe
630 Austral pygmy owl Chile Chepu, Chiloe
631 Variable hawk Chile Chepu, Chiloe
632 Austral thrush Chile Chepu, Chiloe
633 Harris hawk Chile Chepu, Chiloe
634 Eastern kingbird Chile Chepu, Chiloe
635 White-tufted grebe Chile Chepu, Chiloe
636 Many-coloured rush-tyrant Chile Chepu, Chiloe
637 Fire-eyed diucon Chile Chepu, Chiloe
638 Rufous-collared sparrow Chile Chepu, Chiloe
639 Chilean flamingo Chile Chiloe
640 Kelp goose Chile Punhuihuil, Chiloe
641 Magellanic penguin Chile Punhuihuil, Chiloe
642 Dark-bellied cinclodes Chile Punhuihuil, Chiloe
643 Blackish oystercatcher Chile Punhuihuil, Chiloe
644 Turkey vulture Chile Punhuihuil, Chiloe
645 Black-faced ibis Chile Punhuihuil, Chiloe
646 Neotropic cormorant Chile Chepu, Chiloe
647 Rock cormorant Chile Chiloe
648 Austral blackbird Chile Chepu, Chiloe
649 Green-backed firecrown Chile Chepu, Chiloe
650 Southern caracara Chile Chepu, Chiloe
651 Black vulture Chile Chepu, Chiloe
652 Chimango caracara Chile Puerto Montt
653 Black-backed grosbeak Peru Machu Picchu
654 Andean condor Peru Colca Canyon
655 Andean lapwing Peru Lake Titicaca
656 Black-chested buzzard-eagle Peru Colca Canyon
657 American kestrel Peru Colca Canyon
658 Mountain caracara Peru Colca Canyon
659 Giant hummingbird Peru Colca Canyon
660 Chiguanco thrush Peru Colca Canyon
661 Grayish saltator Peru Colca Canyon
662 Mourning sierra-finch Peru Colca Canyon
663 Black-winged ground-dove Peru Colca Canyon
664 Andean negrito Peru Lake Titicaca
665 Speckled teal Peru Lake Titicaca
666 Andean duck Peru Lake Titicaca
667 Andean coot Peru Lake Titicaca
668 Andean gull Peru Lake Titicaca
669 Andean slaty thrush Peru Vicuna reserve
670 Puna ibis Peru Pisac
671 Plumbeous rail Peru Lake Titicaca
672 Andean swift Peru Colca Canyon
673 Dark-winged castanero Peru Colca Canyon
674 Puna tinamou Peru Colca Canyon
675 Peruvian pelican Chile Chiloe
676 Black-crowned night-heron Peru Chivay
677 Puna teal Peru Lake Titicaca
678 Mountain parakeet Peru Colca Canyon
679 James’s flamingo Chile Salar de Surire
680 Crested duck Chile Salar de Surire
681 Andean flamingo Chile Salar de Surire
682 Andean goose Chile Lago Chungara
683 Andean hillstar Chile Socoroma
684 Cinereous conebill Chile Socoroma
685 Puna ground-tyrant Chile Lago Chungara
686 Giant coot Chile Lago Chungara
687 Black-hooded sierra-finch Chile Lago Chungara
688 Spot-billed ground-tyrant Chile Lago Chungara
689 Bar-winged cinclodes Chile Lago Chungara
690 Cordilleran castanero Chile Lauca
691 Plumbeous sierra-finch Chile Lauca
692 Puna rhea Chile Lauca
693 Yellow-headed vulture Ecuador Sacha
694 Slender-billed kite Ecuador Sacha
695 Chestnut-fronted macaw Ecuador Sacha
696 Black-headed parrot Ecuador Sacha
697 Straight-billed hermit Ecuador Sacha
698 White-necked jacobin Ecuador Sacha
699 Many-banded aracari Ecuador Sacha
700 Ivory-billed aracari Ecuador Sacha
701 White-throated toucan Ecuador Sacha
702 Crimson-crested woodpecker Ecuador Sacha
703 Piratic flycatcher Ecuador Sacha
704 Palm tanager Ecuador Sacha
705 Blue tanager Ecuador Sacha
706 Paradise tanager Ecuador Sacha
707 Russet-backed oropendola Ecuador Sacha
708 Yellow-rumped cacique Ecuador Sacha
709 Smooth-billed ani Ecuador Sacha
710 Violaceus jay Ecuador Sacha
711 Tropical kingbird Ecuador Sacha
712 Plumbeous pigeon Ecuador Sacha
713 Hoatzin Ecuador Sacha
714 Short-crested flycatcher Ecuador Sacha
715 Great kiskadee Ecuador Sacha
716 Crested oropendola Ecuador Sacha
717 Green and rufous kingfisher Ecuador Sacha
718 Dusky-capped flycatcher Ecuador Sacha
719 White-winged swallow Ecuador Sacha
720 Rufescent tiger-heron Ecuador Sacha
721 Orange-winged amazon Ecuador Sacha
722 Pauraque Ecuador Sacha
723 Gilded barbet Ecuador Sacha
724 White-fronted nunbird Ecuador Sacha
725 White-lored tyrannulet Ecuador Sacha
726 Plum-throated cotinga Ecuador Sacha
727 Purple-throated fruitcrow Ecuador Sacha
728 Orange-crested manakin Ecuador Sacha
729 Purple honeycreeper Ecuador Sacha
730 Green honeycreeper Ecuador Sacha
731 Blue dacnis Ecuador Sacha
732 Opal-crowned tanager Ecuador Sacha
733 Turquoise tanager Ecuador Sacha
734 Swallow tanager Ecuador Sacha
735 White-chinned jacamar Ecuador Sacha
736 Ruddy ground-dove Ecuador Sacha
737 Blue-headed parrot Ecuador Sacha
738 Yellow-crowned amazon Ecuador Sacha
739 Mealy amazon Ecuador Sacha
740 Dusky-headed parakeet Ecuador Sacha
741 Greater ani Ecuador Sacha
742 Ladder-tailed nightjar Ecuador Sacha
743 Great jacamar Ecuador Sacha
744 White-shouldered antbird Ecuador Sacha
745 Gray-breasted martin Ecuador Sacha
746 Masked tanager Ecuador Sacha
747 Silver-beaked tanager Ecuador Sacha
748 Swallow-tailed kite Ecuador Sacha
749 Plumbeous kite Ecuador Sacha
750 Pale vented pigeon Ecuador Sacha
751 Amazonian white tailed trogon Ecuador Sacha
752 Amazonian violaceous trogon Ecuador Sacha
753 Short-billed leaf-tosser Ecuador Sacha
754 Blue-footed booby Ecuador Galapagos
755 Yellow warbler Ecuador Galapagos
756 Galapagos mockingbird Ecuador Galapagos
757 Great blue heron Ecuador Galapagos
758 Small ground-finch Ecuador Galapagos
759 White-cheeked pintail Ecuador Galapagos
760 Great frigatebird Ecuador Galapagos
761 Nazca booby Ecuador Plazas, Galapagos
762 Red-beaked tropicbird Ecuador Plazas, Galapagos
763 Waved albatross Ecuador Santa Fe, Galapagos
764 Swallow-tailed gull Ecuador Plazas, Galapagos
765 Common noddy Ecuador Plazas, Galapagos
766 Audubon’s shearwater Ecuador Plazas, Galapagos
767 Wedge-rumped storm-petrel Ecuador Santa Fe, Galapagos
768 Magnificent frigatebird Ecuador Galapagos
769 Galapagos dove Ecuador Santa Fe, Galapagos
770 Medium ground-finch Ecuador Santa Fe, Galapagos
771 Black-necked stilt Ecuador Floreana, Galapagos
772 Greater flamingo Ecuador Floreana, Galapagos
773 Lava heron Ecuador Floreana, Galapagos
774 Hood mockingbird Ecuador Espanola, Galapagos
775 Galapagos hawk Ecuador Espanola, Galapagos
776 Rusty-margined flycatcher Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
777 Southern beardless tyrannulet Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
778 Green-crowned brilliant Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
779 Blue-grey tanager Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
780 Bananaquit Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
781 Scale-crested pygmy tyrant Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
782 Broad-billed motmot Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
783 Blue and white swallow Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
784 Cattle egret Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
785 Red-headed barbet Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
786 Spotted barbtail Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
787 Guayaquil woodpecker Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
788 Ruddy pigeon Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
789 Band-tailed pigeon Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
790 Squirrel cuckoo Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
791 Pale-mandibled aracari Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
792 Barred puffbird Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
793 Barred hawk Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
794 White-collard swift Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
795 Three-striped warbler Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
796 Lineated foliage-gleaner Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
797 Violet-tailed sylph Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
798 Rufous-tailed hummingbird Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
799 Immaculate antbird Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
800 Strong-billed woodcreeper Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
801 House wren Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
802 Black phoebe Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
803 Golden tanager Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
804 Lemon-rumped tanager Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
805 Cinnamon becard Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
806 Yellow-crowned tyrannulet Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
807 Yellow tyrannulet Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
808 Crimson-rumped toucanet Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
809 Yellow-throated bush tanager Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
810 Slated-throated whitestart Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
811 Bay-headed tanager Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
812 Roadside hawk Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
813 Choco toucan Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
814 Red-billed parrot Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
815 White-capped parrot Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
816 Tropical parula Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
817 Spotted woodcreeper Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
818 Ornate flycatcher Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
819 Grey-breasted wood-wren Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
820 Doubled-toothed kite Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
821 Chestnut-mandibled toucan Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
822 Red-faced spinetail Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
823 Buff-fronted foliage-cleaner Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
824 Scale-throated foliage-cleaner Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
825 White-winged becard Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
826 Slaty-capped flycatcher Ecuador Yellow House, Mindo
827 Rusty flowerpiercer Ecuador Mindo Loma, Mindo
828 Fawn-breasted brilliant Ecuador Mindo Loma, Mindo
829 Thick-billed euphonia Ecuador Mindo Loma, Mindo
830 Orange-bellied euphonia Ecuador Mindo Loma, Mindo
831 Narino tapaculo Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
832 Orange-breasted fruiteater Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
833 Yellow-breasted antpitta Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
834 Brown inca Ecuador Mindo Loma, Mindo
835 Dusky bush-tanager Ecuador Mindo Loma, Mindo
836 Southern rough-winged swallow Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
837 Moustached antpitta Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
838 Toucan barbet Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
839 Cock-of-the-rock Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
840 Ochre-breasted antpitta Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
841 Dark-backed wood quail Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
842 Crested quetzal Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
843 Golden-headed quetzal Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
844 Giant antpitta Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
845 White-throated quail-dove Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
846 Booted racket-tail Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
847 Montane woodcreeper Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
848 Velvet-purple coronet Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
849 Empress brilliant Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
850 Purple-throated woodstar Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
851 Purple-bibbed whitetip Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
852 Blue-winged mountain-tanager Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
853 Golden-naped tanager Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
854 Smoke-coloured pewee Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
855 Metallic-green tanager Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
856 White-tailed tyrannulet Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves
857 Beryl-spangled tanager Ecuador Refugio Paz de Las Aves

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