26 May
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Reptile and amphibian list

This is the list of reptiles and amphibians we’ve spotted and been able to identify.

# Species Country Location Notes
1 Augrabies flat lizard SA Augrabies Common on rocks
2 Rock agama SA Augrabies
3 Variegated skink SA Namaqua
4 Namaqua spotted padloper SA Namaqua
5 Berg adder SA Monk’s Cowl
6 Flat chameleon SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
7 Red-lipped snake SA Kruger, Lower Sabie
8 Nile crocodile SA Kruger, Olifants
9 Monitor lizard SA Kruger, Letaba
10 Oustalet’s chameleon Madagascar Ankarafantsika
11 Madagascar day gecko Madagascar Ankarafantsika
12 Skink (Zonosaurus laticaudatus) Madagascar Ankarafantsika
13 Spiny-tailed lizard Madagascar Ankarafantsika
14 Lesser hog-nosed snake Madagascar Ankarafantsika
15 Short-horned chameleon Madagascar Andasibe
16 Nose-horned chameleon Madagascar Andasibe
17 Parson’s chameleon Madagascar Andasibe
18 Band-bellied chameleon Madagascar Andasibe
19 Leaf chameleon Madagascar Andasibe
20 Madagascar tree boa Madagascar Andasibe
21 Sikora leaf-tailed gecko Madagascar Andasibe
22 Greater stump-tailed chameleon Madagascar Andasibe
23 Fantastic leaf-tailed gecko Madagascar Andasibe
24 Pandanus leaf frog Madagascar Andasibe
25 O’shaughnessy’s chameleon Madagascar Ranomafana
26 Madagascar leaf-litter frog Madagascar Ranomafana
27 Tawny tree frog Madagascar Ranomafana
28 Green tree frog Madagascar Ranomafana
29 Bamboo frog Madagascar Ranomafana
30 Mugger crocodile Nepal Bardia
31 Gharial crocodile Nepal Bardia Seen from the roof of a bus
32 Painted bronzeback tree snake Thailand Hala Bala
33 Water monitor Thailand Hala Bala
34 Tree monitor Thailand Hala Bala
35 Dog-faced water snake Malaysia Langkawi
36 Mangrove viper Malaysia Langkawi
37 Komodo dragon Indonesia Rinca
38 Giant skink Australia Two Peoples Bay NP
39 Heath goanna Australia Torndirrup NP
40 Green turtle Australia Monkey Mia
41 Green and gold frog Australia Tamar Island, Tasmania
42 Metallic skink Australia Tamar Island, Tasmania
43 Western netted draggon Australia Finke Gorge NP
44 Amazonian tree boa Ecuador Sacha
45 Polkadot treefrog Ecuador Sacha
46 Crested forest toad Ecuador Sacha
47 Spectacled caiman Ecuador Sacha
48 Black caiman Ecuador Sacha
49 Northern Caiman lizard Ecuador Sacha
50 Red-tailed boa Ecuador Sacha
51 Poison frog Ecuador Sacha
52 Anaconda Ecuador Sacha
53 Boa constrictor Ecuador Sacha
54 Bushmaster Ecuador Sacha
55 Golden tegu Ecuador Sacha
56 Aneiva Ecuador Sacha
57 Clown treefrog Ecuador Sacha
58 Bridled forest gecko Ecuador Sacha
59 Galapagos giant tortoise Ecuador Santa Cruz, Galapagos
60 Galapagos land iguana Ecuador Plazas, Galapagos
61 Marine iguana Ecuador Plazas, Galapagos
62 Santa Fe land iguana Ecuador Santa Fe, Galapagos
63 Galapagos lava lizard Ecuador Plazas, Galapagos
64 Floreana lava lizard Ecuador Floreana, Galapagos
65 Hood lava lizard Ecuador Espanola, Galapagos
66 San Cristobal lava lizard Ecuador San Cristobal, Galapagos

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