26 May
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...two travellers in search of the world's wildlife

Wildlife list

This is a list of any other interesting wildlife we’ve seen, whether they be creepy-crawlies, plants, fishes or other!

# Species Country Location Notes
1 Giant millipede SA Kgaligadi Crossing road in dunes
2 Sea slug sp. SA Cape Point Amber, with red on back
3 Sea urchins SA Cape Point
4 Anemone sp SA Cape Point
5 Starfish sp SA Cape Point Tiny, not properly armed
6 Rockpool fish sp SA Cape Point
7 Dung beetle SA De Hoop Doing what dung beetles do!
8 Giraffe-necked weevil Madagascar Matadia
9 Archer fish Malaysia Langkawi
10 Mudskippers Malaysia Langkawi
11 Leafcutter ant Ecuador Sacha
12 Bullet ant Ecuador Sacha
13 Tarantula Ecuador Sacha
14 Fiddler crab Malaysia Langkawi
15 Tailless whip-scorpion Ecuador Sacha
16 Army ant Ecuador Sacha
17 Sally Lightfoot crab Ecuador Galapagos
18 Spotted eagle ray Ecuador Galapagos
19 Whitetip reef shark Ecuador Galapagos
20 Stingray Ecuador Galapagos
21 Golden ray Ecuador Galapagos

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