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...two travellers in search of the world's wildlife

You've stumbled on the blog of Matthew and Maureen, who travelled around the world for a year between July 2010 and July 2011.

We had a year of wonder, wildlife and a modest amount of adventure! Now we're back but we're still travellers at heart and will record all our journeys here.


Comment in Breakfast banter

by Jane Elizabeth on 16/09/23
Hello, old friends! Trying to re-fire my travel dreams...

Comment in Resorting to architecture

by Www.Revolutionpilatesreus.Es on 26/10/22
Www.Revolutionpilatesreus.Es blog topic

Comment in Homeward bound

by Edelbrockexh on 13/09/21
Europe, and in Ancient Russia

Comment in A guide to staying at Sirena ranger station, Corcovado

by in áo theo yêu cầu on 09/01/21
in áo theo yêu cầu A guide to staying at Sirena ranger station, Corcovado « Otter Adrift – Travel in search of wildlife

Comment in Itinerary

by Venkata Talla on 07/07/20
Hi, I did see your itinerary...its wonderful the penultimate line has a typo mistake.... its should be 7th July instead of 7th Feb 7 Feb – 25 Jul Ecuador and Galapagos Quito, wildlife, Galapagos Islands

Comment in Resorting to architecture

by Erin Robertson on 23/02/20
Matthew and Maureen, I wish I had found your blog a year ago!!! We are an American family of 4 taking a year off to travel, and we're also focusing on wildlife hotspots. We're in Chile now, and I found your website while searching for "Fernando who takes people to see otters in Chepu on Chiloe" (but I have found mult[...]

Comment in Poor hat

by Miss Footloose on 01/12/17
Hi! I lived in Indonesia for a few years, but didn't visit the monkey temple, to my regret. I am right now writing a post about itching on my blog and would love to us your photo of the itching money. May I have your permission? I will give credit and link it back to your post.

Comment in A guide to staying at Sirena ranger station, Corcovado

by Flora on 21/11/17
Hello Is tent/meals not taken at the sirena "restaurant" still possible ? I have the feeling that the guide is pushing us to a "package" with all included, and very expensive thank you

Comment in The local food problem

by dee on 18/04/15
Actually in Croatia, in the coastal area, people do eat a lot of fish combined with vegetable like Swiss chord, as much as it maybe seams weird :) But, I see what's your point, it's really hard to find genuine local place anywhere in the world without getting to know locals, which can be hard in short time.

Comment in Hungary?

by Lukas on 13/10/14
Thank you for the review on Cafe Vian, glad you enjoyed the place and food!


Switching to PolarSteps…

Sunday, January 7th, 2024

So I’ve decided to switch our travel blog to PolarSteps (www.polarsteps.com). It’s still Otter Adrift, so the link to our blog will actually be: https://www.polarsteps.com/otteradrift None of this blog will disappear – I’m actually going to add one little “trip” to Polarsteps for each of past trips and just make it a link back to » » »

Gorlitz again

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

So we came back to Gorlitz because it looked lovely and yet we only had an hour to stop on our way through before. It’s only 2 hours drive from Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport which gave us a good couple of hours to explore this morning before we had to get going. Also worth noting: our » » »

Black Madonna

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Actually, more than a million people visit Częstochowa every year, just not at the same time we are here (which might explain why we had no trouble finding a neat little apartment). This city is home to Jasna Gora, a monastery that is in turn home to the Black Madonna. This little image is immensely » » »

Castles of the Eagles Nest

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Okay, although we’re never going to love a hotel covered in scaffolding, it has to be said that Hotel H15 Francuski is a great space with good rooms and very friendly and helpful staff. Superb value, really. After breakfasting at Bakery Lajkonic on the most insanely over-sweet salt caramel croissant ever created, we buzzed (literally) » » »

Extra Krakow

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

We had one more day in Krakow, and mum and dad decided to take a break before flying home. So given that we’d also worn ourselves out with a solid week of monster roadtrip sight-seeing we decided to take it easy too: we only spent the morning sight-seeing! We wandered to the Wawel, the citadel » » »

On foot and hoof in Krakow

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Sunday 10th September 2023 Today was Exploring Krakow Day. We started by walking around the old town. One pleasant element is a park that circles the whole old town like a ring; it’s actually the old moat and fortifications, but now it is green and shaded with trees (handy, as we’re still at 27C). One » » »

Heading to Krakow

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Saturday 9th September 2023 Today was a 4.5 hour drive to Krakow, stopping only for lunch in Opole. Some way out of Jelenia Gora the hills gave way to flat plains (and a faster road) and it remained flat and featureless farmland all the way to Krakow pretty much. This is the Great Northern Plain » » »

Mountain sunglasses day

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

Friday 8th September 2023 Our hotel is lovely but has two flaws. Firstly, our rooms are on the 2nd floor and there are no lifts – mostly good exercise, but less fun with suitcases. Secondly, the breakfast buffet looks lovely but is actually full of disappointment (dry pancakes, chewy old pastries). Today we headed south » » »